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Do I have to pay a retainer?2018-04-01T23:32:07+00:00

It is my goal to provide excellent legal representation for a reasonable fee. Fees are determined on a case by case basis.

How do I hire Jessie?2018-04-01T23:23:26+00:00

Call Jessie directly 715-598-7737  to discuss your options. The initial call will not cost you anything. You can also email her at jessie@jessieweberlaw.com

Can I use a public defender instead?2018-04-01T23:34:15+00:00

You can complete a financial application to determine whether you qualify financially for a public defender. If you do qualify, a staff attorney or a private attorney will be appointed by the State to represent you. You do not have a choice as to who will be appointed to your case.

Click here for more information about public defenders.

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