Marijuana Is Still Illegal In Wisconsin

Wisconsin is now surrounded by states and an entire country that have legalized or decriminalized possession of marijuana in some sort of fashion (with the exception of Iowa).

Even though these other territories have allowed legal possession of marijuana in some form, marijuana is still illegal in Wisconsin.

Many counties and municipalities have created laws that take away the criminal penalties, giving law enforcement the discretion to impose a citation or ordinance versus referring the case to the District Attorney’s Office for criminal charges.

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Do I Need To Hire An Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime you probably have many questions running through your mind. Am I going to jail? Will I lose my job? How much will the fine be? Can I somehow avoid being charged for this?

Likely you are also asking yourself, "should I hire an attorney, when should I hire one, and who should I hire?" Hopefully I can help you answer these three questions.

Perhaps the first thing to consider is should you hire an attorney.  When considering whether you should hire an attorney consider the nature of your case.

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