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Avoiding Criminal Convictions in Wisconsin

Facing criminal charges is scary. No one wants to be convicted of a crime. Many times a person might find themselves charged with a crime when that person has led a crime-free life for decades.

Often times these offenses are the result of a poor decision or related to alcohol or drug use, and not the result of criminal thinking or behavior.

Some counties have recognized that not every person charged with a crime should be convicted of a crime. Eau Claire County has responded to this idea by creating the pre-charge Diversion program.

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Marijuana Is Still Illegal In Wisconsin

Wisconsin is now surrounded by states and an entire country that have legalized or decriminalized possession of marijuana in some sort of fashion (with the exception of Iowa).

Even though these other territories have allowed legal possession of marijuana in some form, marijuana is still illegal in Wisconsin.

Many counties and municipalities have created laws that take away the criminal penalties, giving law enforcement the discretion to impose a citation or ordinance versus referring the case to the District Attorney’s Office for criminal charges.

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Do I Need To Hire An Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime you probably have many questions running through your mind. Am I going to jail? Will I lose my job? How much will the fine be? Can I somehow avoid being charged for this?

Likely you are also asking yourself, "should I hire an attorney, when should I hire one, and who should I hire?" Hopefully I can help you answer these three questions.

Perhaps the first thing to consider is should you hire an attorney.  When considering whether you should hire an attorney consider the nature of your case.

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What To Do If You Are Pulled Over

OWI Attorney Eau Claire WIThe best way to avoid being charged with Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) is to avoid driving after you have been drinking. In the event that you are pulled over and have consumed alcohol, there are a few thing you need to know in order to minimize your chances of being charged with an OWI.

If you are arrested and detained for OWI, these same precautions go a long way in determining if you are found guilty or not.

When an officer pulls you over, everything you do can and more than likely will be used against you in the court of law if you are arrested for OWI. That’s why it is so important you know what you should and shouldn’t do the moment you see you are being pulled over.

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Probable Cause And Reasonable Suspicion

In Wisconsin and in most other states, in order for law enforcement to pull you over for suspicion of OWI they must have a reasonable suspicion or probable cause to do so. In other words, you must do something that gives the officer reasonable suspicion to believe that you are operating under the influence or do something that violates a traffic law.

Typical driving violations include speeding, failure to obey traffic lights or signs, broken lights, erratic driving, and failure to use directional signals.
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Boating While Intoxicated

As Summer quickly approaches you can expect more and more people to get outside and enjoy the beautiful lakes and rivers that Wisconsin has to offer.

And while most people are just out to have good family fun with the ones they love, there are always a few who will want to add alcohol to the mix.

If you are someone who enjoys having a drink while out on the water, please know that there are serious consequences if you consume too much alcohol while operating a boat on the water.

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OWI Defenses

Being charged with an OWI in Wisconsin is no laughing matter. Not only can you lose your driving privileges, but it can also be a huge financial burden on your family.

If you get a second conviction you will more than likely find yourself spending some time in jail and having a mandatory ignition interlock device installed on any vehicle that is registered in your name.

Not only is this inconvenient, but it can negatively affect the lives of all of your family members.

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Marijuana OWI

While more and more states are legalizing marijuana, under Wisconsin law it is still illegal. As a matter of fact, drug laws in Wisconsin strictly prohibit the use of, and the possession of, marijuana.

Therefore, if you should decide to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of a controlled substance such as marijuana you run the risk of being charged with a violation of Operating Under a Restricted Controlled Substance.

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